Welcome to Frantic Farms, where Paulus and Monica toil to grow smiles, enchant the soul, and delight the eyes.

Behind The Art

Fine craft and design is like having your friends around - it’s a moment of comfort in a chaotic world

The foundation of Frantic Farms was made in a Pottery and Glass Studio. It has grown with Paulus and Monica to encompass a full life of activity and work. It was named as a Farm to celebrate the rural country setting and that working in craft is about growing things, and evolving.

Monica and Paulus met in a Pottery Studio over 35 years ago. Their mutual and shared passion for making things bonded them together to build a life and a home where one’s work and one’s passions were inseparable.

Commissioned Works

Much of the creative growth at Frantic Farms has been fueled by commissioned work or custom requests.  Paulus and Monica have cherished the nurturing support from special patrons and clients.  Commissioning a special piece can elevate the choice to support locally made to a level of philanthropy.  Have something special made in pottery or glass.

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